Original Matrixes (personalized)

Sabine creates tailormade matrixes, offering a unique type of guidance and beautiful indivualised pieces of art. Choose from several categories below.

While connecting herself to your cellular information, Sabine draws the matrix which corresponds to the  generative information she receives in relation to your individual energies.

The matrix will activate opening and alignment in the area of your profounds desire’s heart.


Self Identity Matrix

We all have a very unique frequency vibration.

This matrix resonates and penetrates your primary cells, accessing your initial information.

It allows a deep harmonization of Self on every level.

It is the reminder of your True Self beyond conditioning.

Company/Professional Matrix

This matrix guides you and your business towads restructuring information and creating access to new opportunities.

Creation of bespoke visual identity for your business

Child : gift of birth, rite of passage

The matrix weaves and maintains the link to his/her full innate potential, guaranteeing self fulfillment.