Matrixes are a unique and timeless language, inspired by sacred geometry and quantic physics.

Built from a circle or a geometric structure, they depict information from the universal matrix that the artist feels, sees or hears in the present moment.

Through their colors, features, forms, enriched by Sabine’s voice, matrixes come alive in us, influencing us at a cellular level.

Beyond their esthetic appeal, Sabine’s matrixes offer an enlightening sensorial experience.

The infinitely large and the infinitely small become One in us.

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Individual immersion

Sabine supports you in order to live the direct experience of your original vibration by linking you to your True Self with audio guidance, using her voices and sounds.

Diving into the core of your living organism, it impacts your mental, emotional, physical and metaphysical structures and open new spaces.

Aligning and stabilizing your own body’s energy, Sabine is guiding you to reach a new level.

The individual guidance works from distance and Sabine works with clients worldwide.

Collective immersion

Pushing art’s boundaries, Sabine’s matrix artwork affects everyone differently, inspiring us to connect with our authentic selves. 

Her voice, installations and delicate matrixes offer a truly transformative experience

Ever-evolving, InnerCellArt offers an opportunity to awaken our consciousness through an immersive experience.

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I met Sabine through a friend who had highly recommend her. I was skeptical, had several physical pains and I was into a though period in my personal life : I was wondering and questioning a lot (life’s choices, family…). I was in self misunderstanding and I was enduring my own existence.

This meeting definitely changed the rest of my life.

I did, thanks to Sabine, understood that I was avoiding a lot of element and she helped me to get through the fog.

I started with her a deep work within on psychological, physical, quantic plane… and today I feel liberated and accomplished, thanks to her I saw and felt real and concrete results.

I am thankful to crossed her of life path!

I still consult her when I feel that I need to.

Very reactive and understanding, her door is always open.

Thanks to her, I go ahead in mindfulness and my life has another taste.

Those simple words aren’t enough to witness the gratitude I feel for her.

Sabine is extraordinary!

Brahim B., 40 years oldParis area

“There is a time in our life where choosing a path with more wisdom and compassion is not so easy. We can feel sometimes homeless and hopeless towards what we have to face within and in this special moment, getting support is very important. It helped me to find myself back and anchored me Thank you Sabine for responding present by my side.”

Virginie, Paris Area

If I would have to resume in one word what Sabine brought to me, it would be : confidence

Confidence within me, in my ability to act on events, to not repeat patterns and mechanisms. Confidence in healthier and more balanced relationships. Confidence in the future. 

Over the sessions, I felt deep and old wounds getting healed, and a new force born, mixed with energy and serenity. 


Pierre L., Writer, Paris

Sabine’s support takes place beyond words, that’s what made it so delicate to describe.

This deep diving in happiness I had the privilege to experience allows me to witness at least one thing : we all are knead with doubts, fears, ambivalence, and contradictory emotions which we don’t have conscious access, even if we try to In order to master them, dominate, understand ou solve them. Sabine’s support don’t deal with mastering, domination, analysis, understanding or solving, but only with reaching union within, with the Self, with our own ressources – this is when they blow with abundance.

The traveler-writer & photographer Ella Maillart (1903-1997) said « When a poet create a masterpiece, he surpassed his pain»

Sabine’s support allow to embody this poet with our own existence.

With infinite gratitude.”

Elsa R. Director, Paris Area

I had the chance to meet Sabine in a moment of my life when I was close to asphyxia.

Blocked in limiting thoughts patterns (which is something we are not always conscious), Sabine helped me to open the door with softness, listening and caring. I felt a full liberation, sometimes close to deliverance (both physical and psychological) in each of our session, from which I got backwash intense joy, as well in the body than in the soul. I consider Sabine as à generous help, a guide, on the path to reach my full potential.”

Emilie C., Toulouse


Les séances se font à distance uniquement et sur rendez-vous (Skype ou téléphone).